Welcome to Seongdong-gu

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Welcome to Seongdong-gu

About Seongdong-gu

  • Yeongcheon-si


  • General Status
    • Populations : 105,029 people
    • Area : 920.42㎢ (Kyeongbuk 4.8%, Nationwide 0.9%)
    • Administrative District : 1 eup, 10 myeon, 5 dong, 404 tongri, 1628 ban
    • Administrative Organization : 3 Bureaus, 2 Administrative

      Assistances, Supporting Team, 21 Divisions and Departments, 2 Direct Organizations, 4 Offices

    • City Assembly : 3Standing Committee, 11 Members of Municipal


    • No. of Employees : 916 people
    • Symbols : Flower - Rose, Bird - Dove, Tree – Ginkgo Tree
  • Economic Index
    • State Spending : 370.4 billion won
    • Industrial Structure : Primary 11.5%, Secondary 29%, Teriary 59.5%
    • Arable Land Size : 11,679ha (4,574 rice field, 7,105 farm)
    • Manufacturer Status : 760개 (13,000 employees, five agriculture and

      industry complex

    • Special Products : Silkworm, oriental herb products, grapes,


  • Tourist Site
    • Astronomical Observatory in Mt. Bohyeon Eunhaesa, Mt.Manbul, Manbulsa, Dogae Lecture Hall
  • Regional Festival
    • Yeongcheon Oriental Festival (Oct.), Mt. Bohyeon Starlight Festival (Aug.)
  • Regional Characteristics
    • The town of "Isusamsan or literally meaing, Two Water and Three Mountains!

      A town combined clean energy of Geumho River and high spirit of Mt. Bohyeon is known as its hospitality, great scenic view of "Two Water and Three Mountain"

    • The biggest oriental medicine distribution complex nationwide/fruit production site (number one production site for grapes, peaches)

    • The Town of Fidelity

      The town is known for many sages; Poeun, Jung Mong-Ju, Park In-ro, general Choi Mu-seon and as a sacred place of royalty and guardian, a last fortress of war during Japanese Invasion of Korea and in the Korean war

    • A place of strategic point of transportation

      It is located on the Gyeongbu Expressway linking Seoul and Busan, and is also the junction of the Jungang and Daegu railway lines

    • Urban, Farming Complex City

      A typical complex city embracing urban and farming functions of industrial structure, and the center point of Gumi and Pohang. The city is surrounded by Mt. Bohyeon and Mt. Palgong with the spirit of The Taebaek Mountains, encompass by Mt. Unju to the east, forms a granary area of Geumho River by upper stream of Geumho River which combines Namcheon and Bukcheon.

    • Development prospective area

      Adjoining to the metropolitan area; Daegue, Gyeongju and Pohang, has high development potential with affluent tourism resources such as, Mt. Palgong and Mt. Bohyeon.