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Welcome to Seongdong-gu


  • Somokjang

About the Somokjang

SomokjangSomokjang, literally "minor carpenter", is a title given to a skilled person in making traditional furniture, home utensils, stationery and other wooden objects and structures for daily use. The training for Somokjang is based on apprenticeship whose learning often starts with a period of doing sundry jobs before getting into the stage of learning how to handle chisels and planes. The process of apprenticeship normally ends with learning how to wield an adz and work with ink pad. The main material they handle, wood, is prepared first by drying it under the sun for about a month avoiding getting wet before moving to the shade where it is store for about a year. It is then moved to a warm room for further drying before used by a carpenter.
Designated No.
: Intangible Cultural Assets of Seoul City No. 26
Date of Designation
: 2001. 10. 23
Skill Holder
: Kim Chang-sik
: 13 Miteum3-gil, Seongdong-gu (246 Geumho-dong 2-ga)
: Seongdong-gu Culture Information Sports Division ☎ 82-2-2286-5204