Welcome to Seongdong-gu

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Welcome to Seongdong-gu


  • The Lungs of Seoul - Seoul Forest

In June 2005, a resting space is created in the center of urban in Seongsu-dong, Seoul that could be measured against Central Park of New York and Hyde Park of London. It is the Seoul Forest. The nature-friendly organized Ttuksom Seoul Forest located in northeast part of Seoul where green tract of land is not only a forest to watch but to feel and breath the real forest. Seoul forest will definitely play as lungs of Seoul as time goes by.

About Seoul Forest

  • 01. Culture & Art Park : A park where family can enjoy together, including various activities such as culture and art experience.
    • Seoul Forest Plaza, Ttuksom Family Plaza, Forest Playground, Scenic Fountain, Deer Cage and Decorated Flower Bed.
  • 02. Natural Ecology Forest : Beautiful ecology forest that reaches Hangang Water Park through pedestrian way by the construction of healthy natural ecology forest where wild animals inhabit.
    • Seoul Ttuksom Ecology Forest, Hill of Wind, Observatory Pedestrian Bridge and the forest of citizens.
  • 03. Natural Hands-on Experience Learning Garden : An event place to take pictures and go on picnics where natural plants can be studied.
    • Gallery garden, insect & botanical garden, wild, theme garden, guarding forest and event space.
  • 04. Ecological Wetland Garden : While maintaining running water function, the place makes it possible to observe birds, plants.
    • Wetland Ecology Learning Center, Jungsu Botanic Garden, Wetland Grassland Garden, Birds Observatory Deck, Environment Management Office
  • 05. Hangang Water Park" A place to stroll around Han River and Seoul Forest, enjoy riding bicycle, inline skating and water sports
    • Event location, space


  • Subway : Line 2 Ttuksom Station, exit no. 8 (15 minutes on foot)
    • Line 2, Hanyang University Station, Exit no. 4

      → Transfer to No. 410, or 2014 bus and get off after two stops

    • Line 1, Eungbong Station: Eungbong Bridge (formerly, Seongsu Bridge) 20 minutes
  • Inquiries : Seoul Forest Management Office ☎ 82-2-460-2912, 2905