Welcome to Seongdong-gu

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Welcome to Seongdong-gu


  • Wangsimni Subway Station

Wangsipni Station is a place of great number of floating population that reaches more than 34,000 people a day which passes through the national railroad no. 2 and 5 and more than 100,000 transferring people a day. The Wangsipni Subway Station which started its construction in 2003 with private investment fund has appealed itself in 17 stories above the ground and three stories underground building with total ground area at 98,957㎡.

Stores such as E-mart, fashion malls, multiplex, game center, fitness center, indoor golf practice range are doing business in the station, positioning the station as the central commercial place of Seongdong-gu and has become a landmark of Seongdong-gu as the building transformed as the Mecca of shopping, leisure and culture multiple theme mall. In addition, a jogging track that reaches 2㎞ circumference will be installed as well.

Location : 17 Wangsipniyeok-gil, Seongdong-gu (168-1, Haengdang-dong)

Scale : 3 floors above the ground/17 floors underground, Total Ground Area 98,956.94.㎡

Main Facility

  • Observatory Tower (15F ~ 17F)
  • Mega-size Movie Theater (4F ~ 6F, 10 screens)
  • Sports facilities (outdoor golf range, fitness center, mini swimming pool)
  • Pedestrian-friendly Street (sports facility using parks and roads)
  • Transportation Plaza (Ground water fountain, Pagora, Time Ball Watch Top)

Transportation : National railroad, Line 2, 5, Wangsipni Station