Welcome to Seongdong-gu

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Welcome to Seongdong-gu


  • Seoul Forest Park

About the Park

Seoul Forest

To provide a well-being zone next to Hyde Park in UK, Central Park in New York for the citizens of Seoul, 235,259 million won is invested in the park construction project. The park is a forest of life that breaths with nature, a forest of participation with citizens, and is a forest of joy where anyone can come and enjoy.

Park’s Current Status

  • Location : The whole area of 685 Seongsu-dong 1-ga, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
  • Area : 1,156,498㎡ (Approx. 350,000 pyeong)
  • Amenities
    • Comprised of five Parks : Culture & Art Park (220,000㎡), Natural Ecology Forest (165,000㎡), Natural Hands-on Experience Learning Garden (85,000㎡), Ecological Wetland Garden (70,000㎡), Han River Waterfront Park (66,000㎡)
    • Amenities : Outdoor Stage (4,000㎡), Seoul Forest Plaza (6,900㎡), Environmental Playground (3,000㎡), Bike-only road, promenade, event place, insect & botanical garden.

Direction - Subway

  • Line 2 Ttukseom Station : Take exit number 8 and will take about 15 minutes on foot Take exit number 1 for city buss transfer, and take but number 2413 or 2224. Get off after two stops.
  • Line 2 Hanyang University Station : Exit number 4 → transfer to either No. 410 or No. 2014 city bus and get off after two stops.