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  • Salgoji Bridge

About the Salgoji Bridge

Salgoji Bridge

Sagloji-dari or bridge located proximally to the Cheonggye-Jungnang intersection and is the longest bridge remained amongst bridges of Joseon Period. The name is originated as the place used be called Salgoji, and referring to 「Hankyong Sikrak」Kwonrangjo, its official title is Jaebangyo. The place was famous for a hunting site of Kings, and it was the passage to tomb sites where King Seongjong, Jungjong, Taejong and Sunjo were enshrined. However, the bridge was completely closed nearly 100 years as the Great Prince Lee Ha-eung demolished almost half of the bridge to use the stone from the bridge to building Kyongbok Palace.

The bridge begin restoration and according to records, measurements were approximately 20 cheoks (cheok-a Korea foot, approx. 6m) in width and 258 cheocks (approx. 78m) in length and it was first constructed in Sejeong 4th year (1420) to Seongjong 14 th year (1483). The piers of this bridge were placed in four horizon rows and 22 vertical columns, connected using three poles across, then covered with flooring stones, and secured on each end with long stone boards. The pillar stones were secured with square-shaped bases, which were sustained by more bases underwater. The pillars were diamond shaped to reduce wave resistance.

Designated No.
: Private Property No. 160
Date of Designation
: 1967. 12.15
Period of Production
: 14th year of King Seongjong, Joseon Dynasty (1483)
: 58 Haengdang-dong, Seongdong-gu
: Subway Line 2, Hanyang University Station, Exit No. 3 (10 minutes on foot)
: Seongdong-gu Culture Information Sports Division ☎82-2- 2286-5204