Welcome to Seongdong-gu

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Welcome to Seongdong-gu

Information for Expatriates

  • Seongdong-gu Citizens’ Sports Center
Seongdong-gu Citizens’ Sports CenterSeongdong-gu Citizen’s Sports Center is equipped with various sports education programs, aiming to provide a chance for children and the elderly to enjoy daily exercise. The center boasts its full facility equipped with; dressing area, shower room, physical training and nursery care center.

: 480 Wangsipni-gil, Seongdong-gu (685-697Seongsu1ga-dong – In front of Seoul Forest)
: Building with two stories below and three above the ground (total floor area, 6,092㎡)
Facility Status
Seongdong-gu Citizens Sports Center Facility Status
level formation content
Ground Level 3 F Small sports center, Fitness Center
2 F Assembly hall, culture seminar room (four rooms), Child care facility (three rooms)
1 F Large sports center, offices, squash court, children’s play facility, food stalls, stores
Underground Level 1 F Aerobic, Men’s Dressing Room and Shower
2 F Swimming Pool, Women’s Dressing Room and Shower
Home Page
: www.sdmc.go.kr
  • Subway : Line 2, Get off at Ttuksom Station (Exit No. 8) → Walk toward Seoul Forest (5 minutes walking


  • Bus : No. 2014, 2224, 410 (get off at Seongdong-gu Citizen’s Sports Center)
: Seongdong-gu Citizen’s Sports Center ☎ 82-2-499-1800
Membership Registration
  • Sports Programs
    • Training Period : 1st day until the end of each month (monthly unit training program)
    • Application Period

      - Existing Members : 20th day of each month ~ 24th day07:00~21:00 (however, Saturday is until 15:00)

      - New Members : First come first service based starting from 25thday of each month(however, if Sunday is 25th day, the application day will be the following Monday)

    • Application Method : On-site visiting or the Internet application (sports.sdmc.go.kr)

  • Cultural Seminar Programs
    • Training Period : 3 months (class renews every month of mar., Jun., Sept., and Dec.)
    • Application Method : Will draw from popular classes from Jan., Apr., July., Oct., following pre-registration

      ※ More information on the programs, please visit our website (http://www.sdmc.go.kr)

Annual Membership Fee
  • Adult : 10,000 won
  • Children : 5,000 won
  • ※ Annual membership fee is valid for one year from registered date and is not subject for refund.

Shuttle bus operation hours
  • Mon.~ Fri. : 08:15~19:15 (12 times)
  • Sat.: 08:15~16:15(9 times)