Symbol of Seongdong-gu

Symbol : Rainbow

seongdong-gu Symbol

The rainbow, which originates from water, is the symbol of our District, having the most waterside areas in Seoul. The image of seven colors that flow and blend as water does represents Seongdong citizen’s close ties and harmony, and our energetic leap into the future.

Mascot : Smiles

seongdong-gu Mascot - Smiles

The name of our District’s mascot is ‘MISO’ (meaning beautiful smile in Korean, 미소; also ‘Made in Seongdong). This represents ‘Seongdong’s friends and sense of community’, along with our hopes that Seongdong citizens will never stop smiling.

Flower : Forsythia

Forsythia photo

The representative flower of Seongdong district is the forsythia, which symbolizes hope and implies that spring on its way. Like its floral language, Seongdong district will present citizens with a hopeful future.

Bird : Goshawk

Goshawk photo

The bird that symbolizes Seongdong district's goshawk, has been nationally-designated as natural monument no. 323. It is said that the kings of the Joseon Dynasty, from TaeJo to Seongjong, enjoyed hunting goshawk around Mt. Eunbong, Mt. Maebong, and Salgoji Bridge.

Tree : Zelkova

Zelkova photo

The zelkova symbolizes our district's green environment and continuous growth. Legends say that the zelkova keeps minor demons out of villages. They make great lumber for pavilions and are good for shade, thanks to their rapid pace of growth, and their leaves and fruits are also used as medicinal herbs.

Color : Green


Green symbolizes land that gives birth to life, peace and security, nature, and revival, and also represents the sustainable and green environment of Seongdong.