Garbage Discharge Guideline

Living Waste

  • All waste must be placed/discharged in front of one’s home
    between 7pm to 12 midnight on the days designated by each ‘dong’ district.
  • Waste for the regulation garbage bags
    All living waste except, food waste, recyclable goods and large living waste.
warningDischarging food waste and recyclable goods in a same bag is subject to fine.
In addition, illegal dumping of waste and cigarette butts, violation of waste discharging date is subject to fine, not exceeding one million won.

Recyclable Articles

  • Following list of waste need to be placed in a clear plastic bag or a 30 litter size bag: Glass bottles, aluminum cans, synthetic resin and scrap iron (small size).
  • Paper, newspapers, boxes need to be in a bundle of 3kg or more volume at a time, and should be placed in a box or the waste should bind with a string to discharge.
  • Clothes, plastics, films should be in a bundle of 30 litter or more at a time in a clear plastic bag.

Food Waste

  • Remove foreign substances (black plastic bags, tooth picks), drain out water from food waste, and place the waste in a designate d plastic bag.
  • Following items are not considered as food waste.(discharge them in a clear plastic bag, the general purpose one)
  • MeatHair, bones of chicken, beef, pork
  • ShellfishClaims and hard shells
  • FruitsSkin of walnuts, chestnuts, peanuts, pineapple and seeds of peaches and stone fruits
  • Disposable Tea BagsRemove water and discharge it as regular waste.

Large Living Waste

Report to Resident Center (Dong Offices)
  • Visit a local Dong office, purchase a proper sticker and place the sticker on the waste to be discharge.
  • Visit District’s Homepage (
    Use 「Large Living Waste Discharge Request」menu, pay the fee accordingly, print out stickers and attaché the sticker on the waste to be discharged.