The best quality artificial turf stadium is constructed in Yongdap-dong, Seongdong-gu first in Korea, where children and youth can romp on the lawn as well as soccer lovers. The turf stadium situated in Yongdap Elementary School in Yongdap Flower Park was opened in July 2005 and is crowded with people every day. The stadium is closed for public during the school hours but re-open to the public in the morning and in the evening so that people can stroll around the area.

Yongdap-dong Artificial Grass Field

Yongdap-dong Artificial Grass Field Photo2 Yongdap-dong Artificial Grass Field Photo2

Location Within Yongdap Flower Park, 27 Yongdap-dong, Seongdong-gu


  • SubwayLine 5, Dapsipni Station. Exit No. 5 (5 minutes walk), Line 2, Yongdap Station (3 minutes walk)
  • BusBlue Bus #145 / Green Bus #1125 - Get off at Dongbu Market (5 minutes on foot)
Safe Flood Control Division, Seongdong-gu Office +82-2-2286-6090