Eungbongsan Artificial Rock Climbing Wall is an everyday sports park with a total area of 5,200 m2, equipped with the largest artificial rock climbing facility in Korea that uses the cutting area of Eungbongsan Mountain. As a family park with a children’s playground, rest areas, and parking facilities, it is a popular excursion destination where the whole family can have a good time together, especially in spring when the forsythia blooms.

Mt. Eungbong Artificial Rock-Climbing Wall

Location 11 Ambyeokgongwon-gil, Seongdong-gu (269-4 Eungbong-dong)

Facility Details

응봉산 인공암벽장 사진
  • Expert's CourseWidth 14 m; height 15 m
  • Bouldering Practice ZoneWidth 12m; height 4m


  • SubwayNational railroad, Eungbong Station, 10 minutes walk
Parks and Green Division, Seongdong-gu Office +82-2-2286-5671 Management Office +82-2-2286-6061