Affiliation Process

  • April 2018Seongdong-gu proposed for an exchange with Yakkasaroy District
  • May 2018Yakkasaroy District expressed its willingness for an exchange with Seongdong-gu
  • June 2018Seongdong-gu’s working group visited Yakkasaroy District to discuss exchange measures
  • August 2018Seongdong-gu proceeded with the procedure to obtain the Seongdong-gu Council’s consent with forming a sister city affiliation
  • October 2018Seongdong-gu and Yakkasaroy District concluded an agreement for friendly exchange

Dates of Affiliation

April 25, 2019Seongdong-gu ↔ Yakkasaroy District


  • October 29-November 2, 2018Yakkasaroy District delegation visited Seongdong-gu and signed a friendly exchange agreement
  • April 24-29, 2019Seongdong-gu delegation visited Yakkasaroy District and signed a sister city affiliation agreement
  • September 16-27, 2019Yakkasaroy District participated in the Seongdong Global Employee Exchange Program
  • September 27-28, 2019Yakkasaroy District visited Korea for benchmarking the Hugh Seongdong Healing Center Yeosu Camp, a welfare facility for residents (2 delegates including the Vice Mayor of Finance and Economy )