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We help you to find father`s name.
SeongDong-gu Health Family Support Center conducts the fathers education whose target is childs father of the day care center in the jurisdiction and male office workers in seoul. SeongDong-gu Health Family Support Center conducted the "visit father education", which targeted twenty fathers who has preschool children on the September 10, 6 hour 30 minutes(p.m.) in the Hongyik nursery school. The "visit father education" has started since this year April, projected in order to support to establish healthy father figure with the education of the importance of compatibility between work and child rearing ,parental education, marital education and stress management program. This education whose theme is "the mission and role of father composed to understand mans role in the home and to support fathers role as a healthy family member with improvement intimacy with physical activity that father and children play together. One father who applied for this education said that he could not care for infant care because of being tired with the job and he didnt know how to play with my kid. But through this education, as I learn my role as a father, I hope that my daughter will find(call) me many times with work. Chong Won O, the Mayor of Seongdong-gu said, "This education is a good opportunity to improve the family healthiness, understanding the difficulties of the consistencies of work and home for father and help father to expand fathers participation. SeongDong-gu Health Family Suppor Center is contributing to the improvement of family friendly culture through the education for marriage expectant couple, taste of father and son, education of each life cycle as well as "visit father education" For More info, pls call ☏02-3395-9447(SeongDong-gu Health Family Suppor Center)
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